Pearltrees is a collaborative network, developed to assist people  in organizing the web the way they choose.  ” Social Curation ”

We decided since Pearltrees is such a useful tool & also since we already was in the process of organizing the web, it was imperative we fully incorporate our entire website into pearltrees.  We now have a cloud control center that navigates our Trees that we built on Pealtrees.  Using many of our subject categories, such as Education, Sports, Entertainment, Gaming, & many many more.

” We built our PearlTrees location into CloudTops”



We built our unique Pearltrees, into the CloudTops interactive web guide

This was done by utilizing iframes, and a touch of flash web design skills.

The finality of it’s development was a sensational display of magical expression, even we couldn’t believe how smooth this new site works, especially when it comes to site discovery.  Give it a spin and please leave us an honest opinion in the comment section.

Here’s the Tutorial on how to use CloudTops – Cloud1:

Here’s the new build that add’s Pearltrees:


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