afpcvFPC-Virtual is a web development service & social network for web designers.  It houses massive internet resources & leads folks to the best online tooling for cloud computing, web design, & business applications.  Members have the option to join & set up their user profile just as any other social network on the web, the difference at FPC is that we actually go virtual, which means we have established a virtual portal for web designers to connect with their users on many of our web, we also have communities on Google+ for folks to meet, communicate, and to get help.

This site was developed and founded by Mike Pugh, new age flash web developer on January 1st 2010.  It took approximately 6 months for it to actually take true form on the web, & on the ground as an official online business fully equipped to provide its users access to web content and resources.  Originally it all began as a home business for pc repair & network assistance using virtual pc to pc connections, but over time has evolved into a internet power house.

Utilizing social networking Mike managed to attract users from around the world, and currently has reached over 50 countries, not including the actual territories within.  Web interaction has truly improved since years past, with dial-up being a dieing connection & soon to go DSL.  Thanks to cable & fiber optic networking speeds, its now possible to communicate across multiple platforms simultaneously while sending internet out going and incoming traffic signals from one unique source.  With that known and stated Flash web development was born & has made it possible for Drag & Drop web design to become a reality, as well as blog builders such as WordPress.

Today, FPC-Virtual has helped many average users on the web to obtain what is needed to compete, on these differing digital levels we all face currently. (Flash Web Editor) has actually been the culprit behind all the amazing technical tooling, & functionality of our web flash developments we invest a great deal of time and energy into.   Hopefully others can see the light at the end of this bright new amazing tunnel we call the internet aka “The Cloud”.

Join Viadeo, the professional social network chosen by Mike Pugh and more than 35 million professionals


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