Sharing web related content especially if your a small business is essential to the life of your online business, as well as your business on the ground.  Cloud Sharing is a new method in which the user, builds into the CloudTops social sharing network, a profile & user content info, including contact links as well as informative business related subject matter.

You can also use it as a way to connect to your friends on multiple networks, without even signing into any of the networks.  You can now share amongst over 300+ networks on the web simultaneously with the click of your mouse.

Social Networking, and collaboration has reached a new height these days , so we decided to develop such a network that helps enhance social networking activities, each user can boost their popularity amongst other networks simply by using web content they already enjoy using, by uploading videos, images and anything relevant to their personal style or choice of usage on the web.



Cloud Share is truly a powerful tool that is fun to use & easy to get started, all you have to do is register, create your unique user

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profile, & then start the sharing frenzy, unlike Twitter & many other social avenues for sharing wall info, this is a place on the web that helps you establish a connection base that goes unmatched, and last but not least the social network that has it’s very own safety net or should I say web navigation tool also known as Cloud Tops.  The Cloud Tops flash navigator assist it’s users in web discovery unlike anything on the web today, making for a dynamic user experience that’s mind blowing, but at the same time very useful & safe.

Each connection to a particular web location is hand picked for safe searching purposes, so there’s absolutely no malicious connections made between our navigation tools & the users sites they request to see via menu guides/interactive icons or use of PearlTrees.


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