Google Nexus has Arrived

This new Google nexus is awesome, I love the graphics in this commercial indeed, for all those who think otherwise you have no clue what good quality is in digital media, this pretty much exemplifies the top notch of high quality display.  Go Android!!

Cloud News

A new way to inform online users of the latest & greatest info, resources & news that’s hitting the web or “Cloud”, is here & is now currently known as “Cloud News”.   Here’s a glimpse of it’s cool looking page we built onto WordPress as a unique blogging location, stemming from the original source called CloudTops Social– “Cloud news”.

This cool new location features the latest web developments from, the best of the best on the Cloud today.  Welcome to Cloud Computing & enjoy the new found info we provide for all users in cyber space.

The original location of this awesome new informative  development, is at the CloudTops Social website,  

Visit us to see the latest Cloud News being broadcasts live each day or you can also visit on our wordpress location displayed above in the image link.

Cloud Tops Social

CloudTA powerful thing is happening on the web today, the social atmosphere is currently changing dramatically.

With the advent of networks like Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ now in the running, people have never had as many choices to form social communications to people worldwide.


With that said there’s a new concept unfolding in the background that employs both the power of social networking & web navigation it’s a whole new concept altogether & it’s been combined with the full functionality of Cloud Computing. “This is the webs next evolution for sure.”

Cloud Tops Social is the next level in online communications between multiple networks simultaneously for each user who decides to make it a place for sharing of their own. It’s an open source community so everyone is encouraged to share what their into there, which is very different from many other networks that simply frown upon people sending information without paying for advertising.

It’s no cost to use Cloud Tops Social or to become a member, the only cost that is associated with this network is for those who want their site location, to be placed onto the Cloud Tops interactive web guide; which is a huge networking component of this massive idea that’s taken full launch into the cyber space arena.